MTV Splitsvilla 10 12 November 2017 Written Updates Full Episode Task Result Elimination

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MTV Splitsvilla 10 12 November 2017 Written Updates Full Episode Task Result Elimination :- Watch Online Splitsvilla X 12th Nov 2017 Full Hd Video on Voot. This week episode may be very different than other all episodes till now because all are not happy because of elimination of Ripu & Divya. So, they have anger to take revenge from Hritu-Aquib, Haneet-Alisha. All are hating Haneet & Alisha because of their bad behaviour and abusing language with all. Watch MTV Splitsvilla 10 12 November 2017 In the past week episode of MTV Splitsvilla X Ripu & Divya have eliminated from the show. All the Splitsvillains had the chance to save one by replace their place but noone did this. Hritu and Aquib were safe and became final Ideal Match of this show in the past episode said by Oracle. MTV Splitsvilla 10 29 October 2017

MTV Splitsvilla 10 12 November 2017 Written Updates Full Episode Task Result Elimination
MTV Splitsvilla 10 12 November 2017 Written Updates Full Episode Task Result Elimination

Watch Online MTV Splitsvilla 10 12th Nov 2017 Full Episode Video on Voot-Mp4-Task Name-Winner Result-Eviction

Do you know what viewers fell after eliminated Divya & Ripu? Here we are providing some twitter updates by viewers of MTV Splitsvilla X.

Saurabh 💥‏
Believe me Priyank Sharma’s EX @Divya_Agarwal_ is more irritating & Annoying than Ben and Hina combined!!
#BB11 #SplitsvillaX

Heart Vs Mind 🔄‏
Replying to @BiggBossNewz
Rehne do dekh liya #Splitsvillax mey dono ky rangeele ye frr vsood aayega BB hai doosra splitsvilla nhi hai breakup kr di na usse achha hai #BB11

Yasmin Khan‏
Replying to @justvoot
Priyank is fake..! #SplitsvillaX ka winner toh ban gaya hai woh bhi scripted tha thats why.. but #BB11 ka winner nahi ban paega #PriyankSharma👎

Nikita Chandiramani‏
Priyank has slowly shown his true colours slowly slowly. Ok ok in #RoadiesRising , bad in #SplitsvillaX and worst in #Bb11

Kshiti SushantHector‏
Replying to @justvoot
Bekaar hai iss baar ka #splitsvillaX sara episode to dome mai waste kar dete hai no intrest n #Priyank is good for nothing..

Heart Vs Mind 🔄‏
Replying to @HerdHUSH
#roadies #splitsvillax mey #Priyanksharma kisi bi individual physical task mey jeeta hi nhi it’s obvious usko to haarana hi ta bas ek task he won in splitsvilla “aa chipak” chipkna ta ldki se #BB11

Mazharuddin Shaikh‏
#splitsvillaX me My fav was #PriyankSharma
But after watching his #TrueColours
On #biggboss11 I dont like him Anymore…
Matlab how could he say that #divya was just a #connection in a show…
Aur jo aapka rona & strong feelings thi on splitsvilla was just for footage…

ℋazra 👑 TZH 🐯‏
More ℋazra 👑 TZH 🐯 Retweeted
Ever since this man started hosting Splitsvilla,nly Roadies contestants hv been winning. Earlier he took stand for Priyank n nw Ben. If he is supporting these contestants outside, just imagine how much he has been protecting them in Splitsvilla!

MTV Splitsvilla 10 12 Nov 2017 Episode Written Updates

In the starting we saw Priyank was crying and Stafy Hug him. Nibedit said i have also felling and sometime i also attacth with anyone. So, they all should understand her. Other side Aqib & Hritu, Haneet & Alisha were looking very happy because their big enemy Divya has gone.

Now the time to do another task for everyone. In the starting Host Ranvijay & Sunny Leone were talking about Heart Connection. The task is Heart and Brain. Now they have to use their heart or brain. Now the time to break these connections, if they don’t believe on each other. Bigg Boss 11 12 November 2017

Ranvijay announced winner team 3 couples will safe for next dome session. But if Baseer & Naina win they they got 2 time Emunity advantage.

Now the time divided into 2 parts Priyank, Nibedita, Aqib, Hritu,  Mohit, Staffy other side Haneet, Alisha, Akshita, Siddharth, Baseer, Naina. Dance Champions 12 November 2017

Baseer & Naina team won and they got directe entry in Semi Final because they got 2 time immunity from eviction. Winner team members are very happy to see them safe in Dome Session. They came for next challenge.

Priyank & Nibeta, Aqib & Hritu, Mohit & Staffy are not safe. So Watch Who will eliminated from Splitsvilla X 12 November 2017 Episode. Next task is very difficult.

After finish the task Priyank & Nibedita, Hritu & Aqib are in Risk to eliminate from the show today. Now Don’t Miss next episode to watch more twist, fight and eliminated couple from the show. Who is eliminate next from Splitsvilla X?

The Voice India Kids 2 Episode 1

In the past episode MTV Splitsvilla 10 5 November 2017 Priyank, Naina and more friends of Divya was ready to go on the place of Divya. Baseer was ready to go on the place of Ripu and his more friends also.

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Watch Sneak Peak Video of MTV Splitsvilla 10 12 November 2017 Episode

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Watch and enjoy this show every Sunday at 7 pm only on MTV India. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends via social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Hike, Wechat, Whatsapp, etc. Share your thoughts about MTV Splitsvilla 10 12 November 2017. To get all updates stay tuned with us. Super Dancer 2 11 November 2017

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