MTV Splitsvilla 10 8th October 2017 Written Updates Ep 12

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MTV Splitsvilla 10 8th October 2017 Written Updates Ep 12 :- This week Sunday special episode of ‘Splitsvilla X’ was fabulous. Here we watched a task battle for survival. As we watched in the past week episode Nachiket & Anmol has eliminated from the show. As we are watching from beginning of the show Divya like Priyank and when Oracle announced Ideal Match Priyank with Nibedita, Divya really very hearted fell bad for her. In the Episode 12 of MTV Splitsvilla 10 8th October 2017, Divya was deep emotional talk with Priyank What is doing between them? Divya was already disturb and talking with Priyank. Suddenly few more girls came in the room and said many things which she couldn’t tolerate and said Shut up I slap you, go from here!, etc…etc..

MTV Splitsvilla 10 8th October 2017 Written Updates Ep 12
MTV Splitsvilla 10 8th October 2017 Written Updates Ep 12

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The atmosphere was heat up, all the girls were screaming at Divya because She was speaking to attack on Stafy. Divya is in full anger and she said she can’t bear Stafy. This time very bad for Hritu & Divya in the words fight because they said very bad words for each other both.

Naina also aggressive on Hritu when she said If Divya knows black magic then she was a Ideal Match. The temperature went down and all went to sleep. Next morning all wake up and got a message on Hike Messenger. They got a messages where it written that Syska sent gift hampers for all Splitsvillains. They are personal care gift hampers. Don’t Miss MTV Splitsvilla 10 8 October 2017 Episode at 7 pm only on MTV India and repeat telecast check on your Set up Box Programme list of channel every day.

All got ready and got out for their Journey. They reached again in front of Host Sunny Leone & Ranvijay Singh. After that Ranvijay asked about the past night fight between girls vs Divya. When Divya told something bad about Stafy then all girls with her. After that Priyank said I never see this kind of bad girl in my life.

Infront of Ranvijay they again started fight on past night topic Divya, Stafy & Hritu. Watch again MTV Splitsvilla 10 8th Oct 2017 Episode on Voot Full Video. Ranvijay asked If you have to safe your one friends then who will it? Priyank & Nibedita said Baseer, Next Vibhu & Maddy. They 3 Ideal Match got a task to save their best friend in MTV Splitsvilla 10 8-10-2017 Episode.

Next elimination for Baseer, Ripu or Maddy. Who will go at home next? Winner from this competition in Ideal Match’s friends will safe and 2nd position will get advantage in another challenge. That challenge will play between 2nd & 3rd.

The task was running fabulous. Haneet was trying very well to drag 2 person but he failed. At the end he got 3rd number. First Akshita completed the puzzle so Ripu safe and second Priyank. Next Boys who will evicted may be Baseer or Maddy.

All came again on MTV Splitsvilla 10 8 October 2017 Episode to do another task between 2nd & 3rd Position. Basee chose Naina & Maddy chose Stafy. Maddy lost this challenge. At the end Baseer won this challenge.

Eliminated – Maddy

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