Road Rules Cast MTV Series 1995-2007

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Road Rules Cast MTV Series 1995-2007 :- Road Rules is a MTV Reality Show debuted on 19 July, 1995 and ended on 9th May, 2007. The show run for 12 years with 14 Seasons. This was a sisters show got much popularity in US. The series chase 5 to 6 newcomer between the age of 18-24. Zolaistic of their money and banned to a life in RV, travelling from one destination to other destination.

Road Rules Cast MTV Series 1995-2007
Road Rules Cast MTV Series 1995-2007

Road Rules Cast Names :

  1. Veronica Portillo
  2. Theo Von
  3. Kit Hoover
  4. Cara Zavaleta
  5. Jodi Weatherton
  6. Michelle Parma
  7. Jake Bronstein
  8. Mary Beth Decker
  9. Ibis Nieves
  10. Patrice Bouedibela

The arrangement was a pioneer in travel/enterprise/compensate unscripted tv (together with Mark Burnett’s Eco-Challenge preparations). Street Rules was made by Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim of Bunim/Murray Productions. After Bunim kicked the bucket of disease in mid 2004, the show went into break for a long time. After season 14 finished, it was affirmed that Road Rules was no longer underway.

The possibility of Road Rules rung a bell when Real World castmates Jon Brennan, Tami Akbar and Dominic Griffin traversed the United States to get to their The Real World: Los Angeles house in the initial two scenes of the second season. Bunim-Murray started taking a shot at the show not long after the third period of Real World, lastly appeared in 1995.

The show created a turn off arrangement, likewise communicate by MTV, known as The Challenge, which is still underway. The turn off arrangement is for the most part thrown competitor reliant on both Road Rules and The Real World as it joins hopefuls from different periods of the two antecedents. The long-running Challenge arrangement has all around outlived Road Rules, having keep running for 30 seasons.

Road Rules All 14 Seasons Name :

  1. USA – The First Adventure
  2. USA – The Second Adventure
  3. Europe
  4. Islands
  5. Northern Trail
  6. Down Under
  7. Latin America
  8. Semester at Sea
  9. Maximum Velocity Tour
  10. The Quest
  11. Campus Crawl
  12. South Pacific
  13. X-Treme
  14. Viewer’s Revenge

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